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We have a lot to be proud over. Take a look at some of our projects that we are extra proud over. 


NCC wanted to examine if they could complement and increase safety on construction sites with digital safety barriers – using AI technology in the cranes. By using modern cloud technologies such as AI and Machine Learning we are able to bring new ideas to life. The first step in this test has been to train the AI -model in Azure with images that’s been collected.


Coala Life is a medical technology company focused on cardiac diagnostics and mobile health. Coala Heart Monitor is a patented technology and a commercial solution for remote monitoring and self-screening of heart and ECG. When the solution was to be developed, Coala Life chose Sigma as their strategic partner for the development of a cloud solution and associated IT solutions.


For the last three years we have worked tight together with Anticimex International to define and create their new digital services. We have helped them migrating their digital pest control solution  SMART, to the cloud. 


For a couple of years we helped Ericsson AB develop an IoT platform called AppIoT. AppIoT by Ericsson is a platform for all functionality to handle IoT devices and data. It's an open platform that developers can use for their preferred frameworks to develop applications using data presented by the platform. 


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