Our cloud solution and associated IT solutions for Coala Heart Monitor


Coala Life, a Swedish digital health venture, started its research in 2000 with the goal of developing wireless systems for digital monitoring & diagnosis of the heart. Their first product, created for end-consumers as well as for professional use, was designed and engineered to predict and support early detection of heart diseases.  


Coala Life had developed their core technology together with prominent researchers, cardiologists and collaborators, and we at Sigma have been involved from the yellow post-it note to a fully integrated medtech solution.

At Sigma we quickly realized that we needed agile teams working tight together, from hardware development, connectivity & Apps to fully integrated cloud solution with journal system for medical records and e-commerce solution to sell the Coala Heart Monitor.


The Coala Life team came to us with an idea, and left with their first revolutionary product. Over the span of one year, the close collaboration between our cross-functional teams and labs allowed us to take this idea through the whole development process; going from an idea to a fully functional product that is medically certified (CE certified medical solution, CLASS II) and ready to use.

Coala Heart Monitor records heart rates and measures ECGs quickly and easily via advanced membranes placed on the heart chest for 30 seconds, followed by a reference thumb ECG measurement. Heart Rate Analysis and ECG analysis is performed in near real time in the cloud, based on algorithms. In just a few seconds, the user can diagnose the heart, so that any symptoms can be quickly detected.

The Coala Heart Monitor has since its launch received numerous awards, and has been talked about around the world, but most importantly, it is fulfilling Coala Life’s mission to allow monitoring and analysis of heart activity, anywhere, at any time and by anyone.

We are continuously working on features within advanced analytics to sharpen the outcome from Coala Heart Monitor and to help our customer scale the solution on different markets.


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