Digital areas to focus on in 2020


IoT digital trends

Digital trends can be hard to predict as technology changes every day, sometimes in a fast pace and sometimes not at all. But in order to stay head of competitors and to be relevant you need to be attentive to keep up with new technology and the latest innovations. To help you with this we have listed some digital areas to keep an extra eye on during 2020.

machine learning & AI

Yes, AI and machine learning has been on the list of digital trends for a couple of years, but there is no need to invest in data if you don’t plan to invest in AI and Machine Learning. In order for businesses to understand big data and get the most out of it, they should invest in programs to make the data understandable. AI and Machine Learning helps them do so.

So, if you want your company to survive you have to invest in data and analytics. It might sound harsh, but it’s the truth. With Analytics you can turn raw data into insights for better decision making. In its essence Analytics can be described as the scientific process of discovering and communicate meaningful patterns found in data, and when it comes to growth and measurement analytics starts to play a bigger roll.

Data and Analytics will help your business become even better. For example, it can tell how successful your business is on the market and also predict where the market will move next. You might think you are heading in the right direction but if you don’t analyze the data you collect, you can’t really know. In 2020 you should apply analytics to your business to describe, predict and improve your performance.

cloud computing

Another area that will continue to grow in 2020 is cloud computing. Cloud computing has been a trend in IT since it entered the mainstream arena in 2006, when AWS announced the launch of its Elastic Compute Cloud. But it was not until 2010 that cloud computing started to lead the IT revolution by fully transform the way computers and software operate.

Today cloud adoption for both private and public sectors have increased in the last years, it allows people access to applications through the internet instead of running them on physical computers or servers. Using the cloud brings a lot of benefits, and if you really want to stay ahead and take decisions based on data instead of gut feeling you should consider cloud computing and business intelligence. Why? Because it’s a perfect match! BI-systems deliver right information to the right people at the right time, and the cloud computing delivers an agile way to access Bi- applications. Start 2020 in the best possible way by migrating cloud computing with your BI-systems.


If 2019 was the year 5G actually took off, 2020 will be the year when next generation of network will have a meaningful impact of the masses. The fifth generation of wireless communication standards doesn’t only make it possible to download a full-length movie in a second, it will open a new world full of possibilities that we can’t even imagine yet. The 5G will give the development of smart cities, smart vehicles and manufacturing the essentially requires processing of real time data sensors and IoT connectivity. This will be a game changer for people, businesses and the society.


As earlier mentioned, digital trends can be hard to predicted since technology changes every day. Entering the new year with 5G on the market, one thing is certain, the massive amount of data will continue to grow. Invest AI-systems and analytics in order to make better and more informed decisions for your business. Let 2020 be the year when you invest AI-systems to utilize your data in the best way possible, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, so to speak.

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