Connected field service is the idea of enabling businesses to use the latest technology to enhance their field services offerings and be more agile and responsive to customer service needs. Taking advantage of advanced systems, best practices coupled with business intelligence and powered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud, it is now possible to send information directly to service providers about equipment condition and the potential need for repair.  New analytical tools and business intelligence also provide predictive analysis to enable service issues to be remedied before any problems occur.  

Connected field service fundamentally transforms the service industry. In this article we will talk more about what connected field service is and how businesses can benefit from it. 



Field service refers to service activity performed out in the field. Field services typically involves dispatching workers, engineers or contractors to specific locations to commission, install, repair or maintain equipment or systems. Connected field services on the other hand is the idea of adding connected devices, powered by IoT and the Cloud to extend existing operations. Different field service automation providers like Microsoft 365, for example, makes it possible to send information directly to services providers about equipment condition and the potential need for repair.

Connected field services provides the capability to make proactive maintenance services a possibility, to ensure service objects can be maintained before a break/fix solution is needed. This means that businesses who adopt connected field services systems and processes can save a lot of time and money.  


Connected field services makes it possible to work proactively instead of reactively. Connected devices improves an organisations ability to respond and react more quickly.  By connecting your field service, you can for instance work proactively to maintain your equipment in the field, know where the equipment is, know the exact model and serial number, age and current status – be it health or operational status.  It can provide many advantages like reducing downtime thanks to proactive alerts from the connected devices, provide remote troubleshooting, lower maintenance cost by dispatching the right technician only when needed, and by monitoring devices remotely you can address issues much faster – but only spend time and money when needed.


Connected filed services combine the Cloud and technology with IoT to empower field services.  Within this connected world, companies must redefine how they think about services.  At Sigma we have all the necessary offerings to help you implement a world class connected field services system for your organisation

Over the last three years we have worked in partnership with many companies including Anticimex International to define and create their new digital services and scale their services based on connected devices.  You can read more about the case here:  


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